Carolyne’s Garden

Before …
carolynes first 1The rear garden is simply a mess!

carolynes first 2Looking down the back garden and forwards to the rear of the house was the same.
carolyne fence 1

Side of the house, approaching the front wasn’t much better!  

After …
carolynes fence 3A brand new fence at the front!

carolynes last 2Meanwhile back at the back!
I think you will agree a transformation has occured! A new fence and stylised decking! 03_mod

Cindy’s Garden

Before …
cindy1An open canvas… something is needed here!

cindy2Clearance work in progress.

After …
cindy3Not quite finished but i think you get the picture!

Sharon’s Garden

Before …
sharon 1The front garden – a mess and unattractive.

After …
sharon 2I don’t think anything more needs to be said!

Carly’s Garden

Before …
carly first 1The concreted patio area in front of the house was a cause of dampness and not particularly attractive.

carly first 2

Leading away from the patio area was then a stepped area which again was not particularly pleasing to the eye but was also acting as a channel for rain water to flow towards the house.

After …
carly last 1_mod2Concrete removed, ground work made water proof, new paving slabs laid down, the pathway levelled and a new walled embankment installed to provide a space for shrubs and flowers closer to the patio area.