Well done for finding my website, I am Nick Butler, I transform gardens!… hence the name Garden Butler Services… so no, I will not be serving the wine at your garden party! I will create the space for you to hold it which you will want to after i have worked my magic!

I work in a unique way…
I visit you and look at what your garden is like now. I then form a picture in my mind as to what I can do in the space that your garden suggests to me. I visualise this and consider what I can include in terms of what is already there. I recycle as many materials that I find, be these plants, trees and objects such as pots etc. I won’t waste time in providing you with some kind of drawn plan, instead I will attempt to explain this to you in words. To some extent you need to let me create something unique from what I find and trust me in a creative process.

Hopefully my example projects on the home page should give you a better idea of what I am capable of – the end result is not always how I imagined it at my first visit, it is usually far better!

I create gardens that you will be comfortable in and that you will want to ‘show off’ to your friends and family!